Project: Client requested a logo design that must feature two paintbrushes mirroring each other, with a "retro" style, using red, white, & blue.

Process: I took the concept a little further to show a paintbrush and a roller, to indicate they do more than one thing (as in "& More"), and to add some visual interest. Then made the brush and roller paint a "V for Victory" in red and blue, with slight texturing along the edges of the fresh paint strokes, and set "Victory" in a font reminiscent of retro, WWII-era patriotic "victory" branding. Then made it arch somewhat to look even more retro, and denote celebration and success, as well as help counterbalance the sharp point of the V. "Painting & More" is set in a font very similar to sign painting. Client approved this first-round design solution with no changes.
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