Project: Client requested a postcard, with no specific idea for a graphic or any other content, and provided the very simple, text-based logo and tagline seen in the center.

Process: A mandala and/or lotus design would help convey yoga and soulfulness, as well as add some visual interest and flair. But instead of a circle in the middle around the logo, I decided to emphasize the heart shape already in the logo and use that as the middle of the mandala design. The heart shape would also further convey soulfulness and help tie the mandala design in to the logo. I chose the heart frame line art from a purchased vector art collection.
Stock art mandalas were too busy or didn't quite work with the heart frame and logo text. So, in Adobe Illustrator, I drew a teardrop shape, similar to a lotus leaf, with a smaller one inset and filled, then rotated and copied it to form the mandala/lotus design behind the heart frame. I did several rows of this, alternating with copied and rotated semicircles, as seen in many mandalas. I drew accent elements that echoed those around the heart frame, and added dotted lines to the edges of the semicircles, to help tie all of these elements together.
The soft pink and purple shades are tints of the red and purple in the logo. To help the logo stand out, it remains the only element on the page in 100% of those tones. The line art, originally 100% black, was also tinted to be more harmonious with the rest of the design and not detract from the logo.

Back of the postcard features just the edge of the mandala/lotus design, to leave room for a personalized message and mailing address. Dotted line down the center echoes the dotted line in the mandala design.

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