Project: Client requested a commemorative gig poster in the style of hand-drawn vintage Armadillo World Headquarters posters from the 1970s.
Process: I drew the facial features by hand on top of a laser print of the low-resolution web image provided for facial expression. Then I refined it in ink, and scanned to finish digitally in Adobe Illustrator.
I drew the neck, chest, and guitar from a pose in another photo, then scanned and collaged them together in Adobe Illustrator, and finished with custom stipple brushes to achieve the classic Armadillo poster look. I added other poster elements on their own layers for more flexible editing.
Then I modified some clip art of an armadillo and scrollwork, and finished the stipple work. Also adjusted facial features with some direction from the client. Then added final text and color layers. Poster sold out as a limited edition commemorative print.
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